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Grow your business with Knowledge and technology with Creative Digital Marketing – See the FUTURE now!!!

How technology helps business growth?

I observed from last 20 years of experience that if businesses don’t adopt technology they will perish!

Examples: Kodak, Nokia and many more.

The businesses which are growing are the companies which adopt technology and implement immediately. May be initially the technology may not help you directly. But as the time goes on you will start understanding the use of right technology.

Example: Initially we were using the Shared Hosting services for website. But there are many issues. We never give up. We adopted latest technology i.e. Cloud Hosting which is having stable server facilities. I don’t know what will be there in future. I only know that, we have to adopt the changes and go with growing with technology.

Growing your business with technology and impact of technology on business!

I started working for my company in very hard way. Later on I came to know that working harder is not the solution to become better in business. Then I started learning technology and started implementing ideas into action.

When I started getting the results, then I understood the impact of technology on business.

What does the technology do for the company?

If you wish to grow your business then think what are the problems, how other business owners are solving the issues. This will help you to understand the importance of technology in problem solving.

Technology have only one intention to solve the problems with digital resources.

Creative Digital Marketing to grow your business with technology

Hey, in this section I am sharing creative ideas for Digital Marketing. I am sure this will help you to grow your business with technology.


Use hashtags as regularly as possible. Hashtags are the keywords which will help you to boost your ranking in google.

Track competitor’s Digital Marketing

Follow your competitors and see what they post, and which of their posts get the most shares and likes. See what works and follow their lead.

Contest Marketing

Organize some activities or contests to get the attention of more and more people. The more you are visible, the more you get response or credibility. You can conduct some activities like Drawing competitions for children, elocution for teens, ideas competition for startups, experience sharing by entrepreneurs etc.

Points for promotion

Ask people to promote your links on social media and other sites. You can also give some links to click to get referrals or visitors to your site. You can create a competition or discount system for achievement of certain goals or points tally.

Article / Image / Video contents

Ask people to submit some creatives in the form of articles or images or videos. This will get more engagement from people which will be creating awesome responses and reviews.

Post on deals / coupon / free sites

Update some deals or coupons or free resources or discounts on different websites. Actually already there are thousands of people waiting for these kinds of resources. When they click and redirect to your websites you will get more links or visitors. Most of the time they are qualified leads. That’s a great benefit for you.

Great learning from Marketing Guru Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju is a founder and CEO of a successful Digital Marketing agency called PixelTrack Digital. His marketing technique is one of the fitting examples of how to go about using Blogging and marketing. He is now the true leader in Digital Marketing.

He has designed a number of online courses about learning digital marketing right from scratch to using it as a tool for taking a business to new heights with the help of all the experience that he has accumulated in his professional career of 12 years. 

For him these courses are not just a source of earning hefty profits, but a way through which he intends on providing value to a person who genuinely wants to study digital marketing and will only sign up for his courses if he likes and understands the content that he is consuming. 

For this Deepak conducts free webinars where he explains and gives a brief idea about a particular digital marketing concept or a tool and occasionally also gives away a short mastery course on a particular topic to the participants of the webinar. Later, he targets this audience through email marketing and asks them to sign up for different courses that he has to offer and most of them willingly oblige as they have found what they were looking for.

‘DIGITAL DEEPAK’. That is how Deepak is known in this corporate world. This entrepreneur has made a conscious and an intentional effort to develop his own personal brand by rightly positioning himself alongside the products and services that he offers. He runs a blog that goes by this same name where he writes about everything related to digital marketing. The blog attracts around 100,000 readers every month. Deepak strongly believes in instilling trust into a potential customer before selling him anything. 

If you wish to grow your business with technology then understanding the CATT funnel is must.

The CATT Funnel:

Wealth = n ^ C A T T

Wealth = Niche ^ Content → Attention  → Trust → Trasaction

Consider this to be a simple formula for starting and running a successful and a profitable business.

N (Niche): Niche simply means area of specialization. It starts with identifying the gaps in the market and finding your niche.

C (Content): Always remember, Content is King. Now, in order to exploit these gaps and attract people towards your niche you need to create useful content like blogs, videos, podcasts, lead magnets etc.

A (Attention): Start with something which creates or get attention. Next step is to drive traffic to your content using tools like SEO, Social media paid ads, referrals etc.

T (Trust): Build a strong Trust for long term association. Instilling trust in your potential clients comes next and this can be done with the help of tripwire marketing, retargeting, marketing automation etc.

T (Transaction): Achieve the desired goals with the objective to convert into . Finally, it’s time to convert these potential leads into customers by using natural sales methods.

Do you wish to earn 1 crore? Do you wish to become Crorepati?

First of all, thinking that you wish to make 1 crore as profit means that there is more possibility that you will achieve it.

If you don’t plan to succeed then actually you are making a plan to fail!

Think of below alternatives or options to earn 1 Crore.

  1. [Price = 100]   x  [Customers = 1,00,000]  

  2. [Price = 1,000]   x  [Customers = 10,000]  

  3. [Price = 10,000]   x  [Customers = 1,000]  

  4. [Price = 1,00,000]   x  [Customers = 100]  

Other Alternative

  1. [Price = 200]   x  [Customers = 50,000]  

  2. [Price = 2,000]   x  [Customers = 5,000]  

  3. [Price = 20,000]   x  [Customers =500]  

  4. [Price = 2,00,000]   x  [Customers = 50]  

Hey friend, I thought about this. Let me share my thoughts on this.

  1. [Price = 100]   x  [Customers = 1,00,000]  

  2. [Price = 200]   x  [Customers = 50,000]  

  3. [Price = 500]   x  [Customers = 20,000]  

  4. [Price = 1,000]   x  [Customers = 10,000]  

  5. [Price = 2,000]   x  [Customers = 5,000]  

  6. [Price = 5,000]   x  [Customers = 2,000]  

Now it’s your turn to plan & achieve the goal of 1 Core per year.


Hey, now you would have realized that digital marketing is going to be an essential part of every successful business in the current and also future world. 

Are you ready to improve digital marketing for your business?

Are you ready to be the true leader using digital marketing?

Have you planned how to become a crorepati using digital technology?

Are you ready to encash your skills, knowledge and experience to build the money making machine?

When you understand 5 Digital Marketing Growth ideas you have gained some of the best summarized knowledge.

Hope you have really learnt something useful and great stuff that has enhanced your perspective about marketing and digital marketing.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas about the thoughts I shared here. Reply with your valuable feedback or comments. I will definitely go through and reply if necessary.

More energy to you,

Mahesh Hasarmani




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